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Tailless whip scorpions –Damon diadema

These come from the humid regions of Tanzania, Africa. Where they live in rock crevices, caves or under loose bark on trees, being nocturnal they spend much of the day tucked away out of site only coming out at night and after rains to hunt insects and other smaller arachnids. However being more tactile using their adapted front legs as feelers they have only rudimentary site and are quite active even in the daytime in captivity once they settle in.

Housing     A layer of substrate capable of holding moisture on the floor of a small tank (12” high and 6” x 6” base is a minimum for one adult) decorated with bark and moss, with a shallow water dish which should be available at all times. These inverts spend almost all of their time on a vertical surface rather than the floor so plenty of uprights, if you don’t have bark they are quite at home on polystyrene tiles .

Heating.      A heat mat is required and best attached to the back on the outside but    .

                    keep it smaller than the tank, so as to allow variation in temperature


Temperature. 20-25C


Humidity.     Around 70% humidity the depth of substrate will help with the humidity.

Handling.      Tailless whips are not known for aggression but handling should be kept         

                     to a minimum.   Not a dangerous species but care should always be

                      shown as they can give you a nip with the pincers .


Temperament.  Non aggressive can be housed in groups, however caution must be

                          Taken when starting new groups the best ratio is 1 male to 2 females.

Feeding.       Feed crickets and small locust as well as wax moth caterpillars, feed            

                     once a week.