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When keeping forest floor invertebrates it is important to get the substrate right. And in the case of those inverts that feed on their substrate it is essential.

However this has been an area that has been poorly relayed to potential keepers of these very important inverts, that take the fallen leaves and dead wood and convert them into usable soil nutrient for the trees they live under.

So we now offer Bug Bed this is the mix that we have been using for well over twenty years to raise our Beetles, Millipedes, Cockroaches etc. so we know it works well.

Bug Bed

A  mixture of wood mulch, leaf litter and peat based soil.

Essential for all forest floor species  

4lt Bags

£12 including P & P

Other sizes available see below

Order. Bug Bed

Sizes available in Bug Bed.

4lt £12.00

10lt £21.00

15Lt £29.00

20lt £36.00

30lt £50.00

40lt £65.00

All these prices INCLUDE the postage