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Working with nature


The housing can be any suitable small aquarium or container that can take a 15 cm depth of leaf mould (either beech or oak) substrate, mixed into this should be a quantity of soft dead wood (approximate 10%) but this will vary depending on your chosen species.

Most species are easy to keep and breed. The larvae in particular are undemanding, only requiring mixture of leaf mould, rotting wood and fruit to complete their life cycle, giving away their presence by pulling the fruit under the substrate. Adults are far more fun spending lots of time on the surface feeding and bumbling around ( be prepared for them to fly, which they do very well.), and prefer a diet of soft fruits including banana, orange, apple, guava, mango etc.

The substrate should be kept damp but not wet, pieces of bark placed on the surface of the leaf mould act as a mulch and prevent the substrate from drying out too quickly.

These beetles are tropical and if kept at 25-30c should run through a complete life cycle in approx. 6 months, however this time can be varied according to the species being kept and ambient temperature e.g. room temp will delay the development. Always do remember these insects are from the tropics and as such it is best not to drop the temperature to low.  We suggest an artificial light in the tank or over it, as the beetles are happiest under bright light and it shows off the spectacular colours to their best advantage.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or questions on the care of particular species.