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Exmoor Zoo is different, neither a wildlife park or a city zoo, but a more friendly and contact orientated zoo which has grown into the North Devon countryside. You get to meet the animals, join in the handling sessions, touch a snake, hold a spider, feed a wallaby and learn about the animals during talks and feed times.

Carefully planted shrubs and trees that have matured along the winding zoo paths keep you wondering what is next, providing a very relaxing and natural atmosphere, and you will find some of the more unusual animals that the more standard zoo types miss out on, this is a zoo not to miss and a great day out.

We are lucky enough to be invited to put on one of our travelling bug shows at the zoo on a regular basis and it’s an event we wouldn’t want to miss.

Exmoor Zooe

Below is an extract from Exmoor zoos web site ( ) and this really does give you a hint as to how good this Zoo is, if you haven’t been yet it’s a must see.