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Working with nature

Floridian Giant Katydids

(Stilpnochlora couloniana)

Keep the Katydids in a tall container; a plastic sweet jar is ideal, or a tall glass tank making sure there is sufficient air in the container, buy providing some ventilation to prevent stale air. Provide twigs of the food plant which are almost the height of the jar to allow them to climb, this is essential for them to be able to moult successfully.

SUBSTRATE The best substrate for these Katydids is a mixture of peat compost and sand put in to a depth of 5 cm this helps to keep the air sufficiently humid.

TEMPERATURE The ideal range is 18° - 35°C.( The lower the temp. the slower the growth rate.) with a fine water spray in the cage about twice each week, without making the cage wet as mould is a potential insect killer.

FOOD Feed on Buddleia, Bramble or Rose replacing the food as soon as it is spoiled or completely eaten.

BREEDING This is an easy species to breed with the adults mating freely once adult. Eggs are laid along the branches of the food plants and hatch after 2-3 months at the higher temperatures and the young are raised in the same way as the adults.