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Working with nature


Pandinus imperator

These Scorpions come from the humid regions of West Africa. Where they live on the forest floor in tunnels or under fallen wood and in old mammal burrows coming out at night and after rains to hunt insects and other smaller arachnids.

This species settles very well into captivity and will live for many years under the right conditions.

The housing can be any suitable small aquarium or container that can take a 15 cm depth of substrate, as this is a rainforest species that likes to burrow. The substrate can be anything that will hold moisture, we use Bug Bed as it is made up of a woodland based soil but vermiculite and peat mix or coconut fibre will be fine. The substrate should be kept damp at all times but not wet; pieces of bark placed on the surface of the substrate act as mulch and help prevent the substrate from drying out too quickly.

A single scorpion will do fine in a large 12x12x12 (inches) tank, but these are quite active creatures and a larger tank is better.

A water dish is required at all times which will also help to keep the tank up at around a minimum of 75%  humidity .Food consists of any of the standard invertebrates you can buy or catch.

As with all scorpion species handling is not recommended.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or questions on the care of particular species.