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 We have had the privilege of running a captive breeding programme for the Scarlet malachite beetle (Malachius aeneus) to try to find out more of this beetles natural history, so Buglife  decided to take a pro active conservation approach and involved us on a captive breeding programme, and I am please to say that we where successful in captive breeding this insect in the first season and have added our information into a positive conservation plan.

This attractive insect is one of Britain's rarest. Although small at around 8mm  It has a stunning colouration , as its name suggests,  of scarlet and metallic emerald green.

The adults have been seen most frequently on wild flowers, in only a few locations, feeding on  pollen but it is likely that they are also predators, feeding on other insects that visit the same flowers.

This species which was once far more widespread throughout England is on a rapid decline and so to help find out why somthing had to be done, and this is where we got involved.

Breeding one of the UK’s rarest beetles