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Working with nature


Keep the Stick insects in a tall container; a plastic sweet jar is ideal. The ‘rule of thumb’ to follow for size of cage is that sticks require at least three times their own length in height for the container for successful moult's to occur. To make sure of sufficient air in the container provide some ventilation this helps to prevent stale air. Provide twigs of the food plant which are almost the height of the jar to allow them to climb, this is essential for them to be able to moult successfully.

TEMPERATURE The ideal range is 18° - 25°C.( The lower the temp. the slower the growth rate.) with a regular fine water spray in the cage, without making the cage wet as mould is a potential insect killer.

FOOD Feed on suitable plant for your species e.g. Bramble, Rose or Raspberry for Eurycantha species, Ferns for  Oreophotetes sp. (make sure these have not had insecticide sprays on them as they hold the poison for some time, when in doubt use wild fern or garden plants that have been established for a while.)

A full list of food plants will be supplied with each of the species we offer along with any individual preferred care.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or questions on the care of particular species.