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Working with nature

Make the most of your species...

We have been involved in the animal filming business for over 25 years and can advise, co-ordinate, train and supply for just about any situation. The inset movie is my brother Trevor (He’s the real life Doctor Doolittle) Janice and I get to work on the smaller beasts and bugs. So if you require any animals for TV or film etc why not give us a call. We can normally locate just about any species even if we don’t actually have it in our own collections.

From housefly to hippo if you need it or would like advice on using a species on set, why not give us a ring and use our  very experienced

consultation service that way we can help you avoid potential problems on the day of filming saving time, money and unnecessary stress to your chosen species.

Contact Trevor for filming on- 
07956 564715 or if you can’t get him 
give us a call and we will get him for you