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Giant Vinagaroon –Mastigoproctus giganteus

The giant Vinagaroon is a species of whip scorpion that has a very unusual defence; this beast gets its name from the vinegar (Acetic acid) that it sprays to scare away predators!

Nocturnal by nature but a great and easy arachnid to keep growing to around 15cm

Housing     A layer of substrate approx 10 cm deep, capable of holding moisture on the floor of a small tank (12” cube is a minimum for one adult) decorated with bark and moss, with a shallow water dish which should be available at all times. These inverts spend almost all of their time bark etc on the floor of the cage so plenty of hiding places, like bark or broken earthenware flower pots are great.

Heating.      A heat mat is required and best attached to the back on the outside but    .

                    keep it smaller than the tank, so as to allow variation in temperature


Temperature. 20-25C


Humidity.     Around 70% humidity the depth of substrate will help with the humidity.

Handling.      Vinageroons are not known for aggression but handling should be kept         

                     to a minimum.   Not a dangerous species but care should always be

shown as they can give you a nip with the pincers, and the spray can be                       quite powerful particularly with adults when it can take your breath away .


Temperament.  Non aggressive can be housed in groups, however caution must be

                          Taken when starting new groups the best ratio is 1 male to 2 females.

Feeding.       Feed crickets and small locust as well as wax moth caterpillars, feed            

                     once a week.